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What's iASD?

iArtHis_LAB is a research, innovation and training laboratory for the development of digital studies on artistic culture, committed in particular to the progress and consolidation of the History of Digital Art in Spain.

iASD iArtHis_LAB Software Development is the technological branch of the group. It develops web applications to ease the tasks required to manage research projects, allowing graphical, geographic and numerical analysis of the data obtained during the process.


Nuria Rodríguez Ortega
Antonio Cruces Rodríguez

University of Málaga.
Faculty of Humanities.
Art History Department.
Campus de Teatinos. Bulevar Louis Pasteur, s/n.
29071 Málaga (Spain).

+34 952 131 690.
nro@uma.es, antonio.cruces@uma.es.

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